Sunday, November 23, 2008

Surprises and Reunions

Today was a day of firsts.

Nimue went to her first Adopt a Pet.

Roz was outfitted with a harness for the first time because we ran out of cages for cats. She slunk around a bit at first, but eventually began to walk a little with it. Although honestly she was more concerned with getting back into her carrier than anything. Then when Cactus Jack went home on a "foster to adopt" Roz got a cage.

Then Nimue was able to come out of her carrier to see how she would act. So I put the harness on her. She didn't fight me first of all. Then she allowed me to hold her for the LONGEST stretch of time EVER! Then when I put her down, she didn't freak out. Well, she did roll a little and wiggle one of her arms half free, but she behaved Much better than I figured. Honestly, I thought she would be a case of total Tazmanian Devil evilness at Petsmart. That's why I had the vet go ahead and tip her ear in case we needed to re-release her back to my courtyard.

So anyways, a day of firsts.

Also of note today, I was introduced to some wonderful Pit Bull ladies and thusly Covered in sweet bully kisses! I just love pitts!

And finally, I was reunited with a kitten I fostered about 3 years ago. Marvin was one of two little black kittens I fostered when I lived in the loft. Some of you who read my Live Journal may remember that my boyfriend at the time had quite a connection with him. However, his brother wasn't having the cat. He was quickly adopted by a Russian chick and her boyfriend. Unfortunately, he was returned about 6 months later. Allergies was the excuse. Tonight I was putting away cats from the Adopt a Pet. I've not done that in over a year. I knew that "Starvin" Marvin was returned to the shelter and probably still there as he's one of about 3 handfulls of black cats in the building who all remove their name collars on a regular basis. But I hadn't seen him since he was returned as when he was returned he reverted to his skittish behavior. Well, tonight, I saw his face, that indisputable funny face and I knew it was him. And for the first time I actually was able to hug and cuddle with him. He never let me cuddle before, so this reunion was also a first. He really is a sweet boy once he gets to know you. He's just a little afraid at first. I so wish I had a home to place him in. I just hate that one of my kids is back in the shelter. And he can't come here. Firstly, I'm full. And secondly, Dunbar will not likely allow another young male in the house. I'm glad I recognized him though. Tomorrow he will get a new name collar when I go to the shelter for a couple of hours to tag everyone who has lost their tag. So now he will be able to start going to adopt a pets again. So there is a silver lining. Now let's just pray for a perfect home.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Old cell phones?? Turn them into something good.

This charity takes phones and accessories and sells them to refurbishing companies then turns around and uses the funds to buy phone cards to ship to the soldiers. Each phone will buy a 1 hour phone card for a soldier to call home. This charity even has drop off points all over the nation if you have trouble mailing the phones in. Just click the "find a drop off point" tab across the top of the website and you'll be taken to a place where you enter your zip code and Voila, Drop off locations will appear mapped on your computer screen.

This is a great means of recycling cell phones instead of letting them sit in a dump and this time of year is a Great time to help our soldiers connect with their families. So many of them will be away from home over the holidays.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A plea for Mercy

A friend posted this on her Live Journal today and I am re-posting it here because it's a point of view on Gay Marraige which I wish everyone could consider.

It's an MSNBC piece and I know that MSNBC has lately been lauded as a Liberal counterpart to Fox News and I really hate that kind of reporting, but this piece really isn't about partisanship. It's a plea to hear out the Gays and for everyone to think with their Hearts.

Honestly, I don't want Gays to have Marriage rights. I want everyone in America to have Civil Unions as far as the legalities of the state/nation/benefits are concerned. Marriage should be governed by religion. And each religion should govern its own marital beliefs and services. The legalities of a commitment between those who love one another are the matter of government. We are a nation who was wise enough to begin with a determination to separate religion from governance. We should not turn out backs on that. We should only strive to continue on. Allowing the religious sector and our religious beliefs to determine what the government does is in direct opposition to that notion.

For me, this is not a matter of spitting in the face of one's ethics and religious beliefs. For me, this is about equality. It is about Civil Rights. A religious couple can have both a legal ceremony and a separate spiritual ceremony if they like. It is not about taking the spirituality out of Marriage, it is about giving Marriage Back to the religious sector and letting them have it. It is about putting the government in charge of the right to legally bond with another person. A separation in such matter is exactly how it should be if we are truly going to be a nation of benevolence and kindness and even true to our words of being Just.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thoughts and prayers please.

Last night, well actually early morning at 2:00am, I dropped off Nimue, LuceyLot, and Charmin at the shelter for their very first visit with a veterinarian.

This morning is Spay Day for Texas Pawprints. About once a month we load up any fosters and new captures and send them off to our shelter vet for an all day marathon spay day. I'm hoping with lots of crossed fingers that at least Nimue is ok'd for the spay surgery today. Eventhough I separated her from the kittens to start the weaning process, she's still producing milk. This may be an issue for the vet, the shelter says it depends on how much milk she has. I also sent the kittens. Some vets are spaying and neutering right at 8 weeks old now. This particlar vet does it on a case by case basis, so he'll look at them and decide whether he's comfortable doing it or not. I'm almost resigned to them coming home in tact, and that's ok. I can handle them waiting a little longer. I just really Need Nimue to be spayed today!

So, please send us good thoughts, prayers, crossed fingers, energy, whatever your belief, we'll take it. Not only do we need help with Nimue, but we need safe surgeries for All if they're all accepted for the procedure today. I never take spay and neuter surgeries for granted anymore. Not after the loss of little Virgo two years ago.

In other news, I have a Darling medium haired torti girl loving me up right now. Her name is Lavinia and her foster mom couldn't bring her to the adopt a pet today, but she has a family scheduled to come and meet her for possible adoption. Let's all send her good thoughts, prayers, crossed finers, etc. She is a Doll and a half! I sure hope this family falls in love with her and takes her home. Seriously, she is one of those sweet cats who it would be Easy to fall desperately in love with.