Monday, December 29, 2008

One had flown the coop

Yesterday Charmin went to live with her new "dad." I was so proud of her. She behaved beautifully at the Adopt a Pet while waiting for her adopter to arrive to take her home.

This morning I received a text message from Charmin's new home saying that she spent all night last night in the lap and purring away. So I believe she is blissfully content. I'm very happy about that. Now we just need to get Lucey Lot squared away with her family.

And now for a picture update. I have a new laptop, so I am able to upload images at home now. Finally!

Monday, December 15, 2008

We welcomed a houseguest

Sunday was a fruitful day for several cats. We had 4 go out at "foster to adopt" meaning they are taken home by a prospective family that adores them but isn't sure how they will fit in with the other furry housemates and thus they're not sure they want to commit to an adoption if things don't work out with the current menagerie. We actually encourage this with a lot of people. It gives them more trust in us and they are less stressed about the cat coming home with them and the "what if it doesn't work out".

But we also had one adoption. Target (pronounced "Targ-jhay" think the fancy schmancy way of pronouncing Target) was adopted by a young man and his mother. But she needed her last round of shots and her final combo test since she was finally old enough. So last night she came home with me so I could drop her off with her vet transport today instead of her having to stay cooped up in a carrier all night at the shelter since all of our cages are occupied at the moment.

What a DOLL! Target had no fear about the new surroundings. She hissed at Maizy Once and then was totally ok with her. She slept on my lap until I went to bed and then she followed me up on the bed. All of the other cats were a bit upset wtih me over bringing her home, so it was just she and I on that bed. And by this morning she and LuceyLot were playing with one another as if they were long lost cousins or something! Watching she and Lucey play made bringing her home well worth upsetting a few other cats for a day. See, Lucey was put on hold Sunday for a family who has other cats. Lucey would be for one of their younger sons who is ready for his own cat. I was afraid she'd be a little anti-social or would play too rough as Nimue does exactly that with both Charmin and LuceyLot. Well, Lucey was very happy to play like a normal kitten with Target! Charmin, not so much. She pretty much hid from Target like the older cats did. But that's ok. Charmin's home will be with a man and no other cats. Now that I've seen this behavior, I am 100% at ease over her being by herself.

So now that both girls are on hold and just waiting to be spayed and delivered to their families, I just have Nimue and Roz to focus on adopting out. They're both tough sells, but we can do it. Eventually.

Friday, December 5, 2008

And now for LuceyLot

LuceyLot also has a serious inquiry for adoption now. I guess my apt will be Grand Central for Meet and Greets on Sunday.

Now to just get some brave soul interested in their crazy mother...

Charmin might have a home after Christmas!

I just put her and LuceyLot's profiles on Petfinder yesterday and today we've already got a hit on Charmin. I just left a message with a guy who has lost all of his animals in a Divorce and says he cannot function in life without a cat. He wants to meet Charmin soon. She and Lucey are scheduled to be spayed on the 23rd of Dec, so they can't go home with anyone until a week after, but he seems to be ok with that as I put that information right in their profile. Y'all keep your fingers crossed for me that when we meet he's a good candidate! Frankly, I'm a little shocked that Charmin got an inquiry before LuceyLot did. Lucey's pictures are way cuter. But you know, I'm glad either way. Frankly, it's harder to adopt out a brown tabby, so I'll be tickled pink if she goes first!

Dirt Cheap Spay and Neuter for Cats! Please spread the news.

PETCO and KITTICO CAT RESCUE are offering your cat(s) a very special Christmas present: $9.99 SPAY OR NEUTER

Please forward to anyone you know who might be interested. This deal is especially helpful for those who have many strays/ferals in their neighborhood who continue to reproduce. Information is below. Make sure you specifiy this offer otherwise they may ask that you donate $55 for their services.

Location: Richardson PETCO at 1401 E. Spring Valley Rd., 75081
Date: DECEMBER 11, 2008 (Thursday)
Drop Off Time: 6:30 to 8:00 a.m.
Pick up Time: 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
Appointments; appreciated, but not necessary.
Contact Celia at 469/865-4438 for more information.
No food after midnight. All cats must be in separate clean carriers with large towel or newspaper in bottom of carrier. Traps accepted also; please cover trap to keep cat calm. .Kittens must be 10 to 12 weeks old or 2 pounds.
For 4 in 1 vaccination, add $15.00

$9.99 THAT¢S RIGHT!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

This is a Fantastic Deal! If anybody needs to have a cat altered, I'd jump on it Quick as in DO make an appointment so you know you can get it done. And you know, even if you forget to mention the special, $55 for a spay or neuter is STILL a steal!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Petfinder bound

Well, it's official, the kittens each have their own Petfinder listing. They're not spayed yet, but we're expecting to do that soon. I'm hoping that the online exposure before Christmas will get them a good home soon. It would be wonderful if they could be adopted together, but I'm not holding my breath on that one. I got Incredibly Lucky with Lyra and Draco adopting out together. I'm not so sure that lightning will strike twice.