Thursday, June 29, 2006

6/29/06: The Name Game!

The kittens are now 3 days old and we have finally settled on names for the brood.  The theme is constellations for the original litter and moons for the orphans. I messed up on the re-sizing and some aren't the most glorious images, but here they are.

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New 6-28-06 pictures of the group

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Waking up on 6-29-06

And now for Introductions!

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Lyra - The Squirmy Gal who doesn't like her picture taken.

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Hydra - Also very squirmy.

Ok, so the last two are the orphans. They are named after the newly named twin baby moons of Pluto. I think they fit quite well.

The others we decided to name after constellations so they would compliment the moon names. There were a whole lot of names we went through and a Lot we liked. Especially girl names. But I think these we have settled on are going to do the kittens well. And since they are constellations, I will be posting information on the constellations they are named after at some point.

I'll soon be aquiring a food scale from the shelter, so I should be posting growth progress from time to time soon.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

6/27/06: Kitten Pictures

Anyways, without further ado, here are Foster Kitty Flo's babies:

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First one was born at 3:30ish AM. It's a brown tabby. Yes, she's having them on my Carpet! She decided she liked wedging hersef behind my bureau better than actually using the birthing box I made for her.

I'm leaving out the actual Birthing picture of kitten #2 for those weak of stomach for such things. But here are #1 and #2 together. #2 was born about 10 minutes after #1 and it's a brown tabby as well.

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My dog, Maizy, checkin' everything out. She was quite the whiny nut during all of this. She easily gets worried and since she's so big I have to be careful that she doesn't get over zealous in checking everything out and hurt anyone.

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This is Nabisco guarding the kittens. This is Just after the picture with Maizy. Nabisco allowed Maizy near them for just a few minutes before she whacked her and shooed her away. She guarded that box until Foster Kitty Flow decided it was time to move the kittens to a new place to have the other two kittens.

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Here's the final result. Kitten# 3 was born around 4:30am and is white and tabby spotted. Kitten# 4 was born around 5:00am and is a black tabby.

I moved them all back to the birthing box once I removed all the newspaper and made it comfy as you see above. The place she had the other two was too small for her and all the kittens to fit. She kept moving around and sitting on them. I put the box in the same place as her favored bed-Dunbar's bed-and that's just out of reach of Maizy's nose, so I hope she keeps them up there and I don't have to go hunting for them when I get home tonight.

6/27/06: We have Kittens!!!!

I've already wasted my entire morning on various non-work things so I'll have to find time to post the pics later. And I'll have to get better ones as well once they are more than a couple of hours old. But I was woken up at about 3:30 this morning with the first cries of a teeny kitten and I haven't been to bed since. I tried, but neurotic first kitten birthing me kept having to get up and check on things. Good thing I did and good thing I actually go to sleep at around 10 so I at least got 5 hours of sleep. Two more kittens were born after I had tried to go to bed. After that, they were just too loud to sleep and Maizy was freaking out about it all and whining too.

Anyways, it's gonna be a Looong day today.

But Kittens!!!  Yay!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

6/26/06: Still no kittens

Still no kittens. We're closer though. I think her teats are for real growing this time. And she disappeared for a little while several times looking for a nesting place. Trouble is I don't have a good nesting place in my apartment that's closed off for her to use since I live in an open loft. I was hoping that me being home over the weekend would encourage her to have them, but I was wrong. On both her having them and me being home much.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

6/22/06: Again, still no kittens

Yep, still no kittens. Although, I came home yesterday to find Miss Flo all comfey in her whelping box that I had made for her and got all excited, but no luck. Come on kittens! Hurry up!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

6/21/06: Still No Kittens

However, I thought Miss Flo was nesting last night as I woke up to a strange sound and found that she had somehow gotten to the topmost part of my closet and started kneading/shredding the styrofoam inside my Computer speakers box. I took her down immediately as A. I don't think styrofoam is safe for the kittens to be born in and B. that's just too high for me to monitor and I'd have to take her down anyways. I can still feel movement, but I have decided taht she really hasn't filled with milk yet, I was seeing some fat in her tummy instead. Which I didn't recognize as fat. Anyways, the point is I'm not sure when the kittens will come and I think I'm more anxious than she is about it. I mean, everytime she moves I stare at her trying to figure out if it's time. Ahahaha! I'm a dork.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

6/20/06: 3rd Post

No kittens yet. I felt them moving a little this morning, though.

Monday, June 19, 2006

6/19/06: Pictures of Flo

Little Miss Flo, the un-wed mother:

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The last two pictures are examples of what happens when you rub her tummy. Yeah, she's ready to get those things outta there!

Archive Fridays - 1st Post

On Sunday, I had to call Texas Pawprints and tell them that I couldn't help with the Adopt A Pet after all. They informed me that we have quite a few mothers nursing litters as well as mothers about to give birth any day now and the shelter really needs fosters for ALL of them. I'm pretty good at trying to inlist help among my friends, so I took that information and spread the word, as I'm sure they hoped I would. At first, I told them I couldn't take another foster let alone a pregnant mother. But by the end of the day, I wore myself down and decided to go ahead with it. Yep, I caved. I mean, who can resist Kittens???!!!!???? Not me!

I'll be posting pictures of Flo soon. She's already starting to fill her teats a little, so I expect her to deliver any day now. And she's certainly Uncomfortable with that tight belly. She's Really sweet though and I'm sure she'll just be a love to have around the house. This all, of course, really upsets my foster Taquita. My cat Nabisco could care less and my other cat Dunbar is being distant, but Taquita is just really not happy about it at all. So I hope the kittens come soon so she'll realize what's going on and calm down with the hisseyness.