Sunday, November 15, 2009

Efah's big day

Today Efah was doted on quite a lot by a lovely couple who have adopted two cats from us before. The moment we walked into the adopt a pet they saw him and just fell in love. They were so in love they contemplated taking him home. But they just lost one of their older cats to an illness the day before and they just weren't sure they should adopt so soon.

I happen to know both of the cats they adopted and so I know that one of those cats is just about as perfect a playmate match as it gets. I am so hopeful about the prospect of this couple adopting Efah I am nearly beside myself. When they left, there were a few positive signs that they might decide to adopt him. But I would love to have all of your prayers, candle lightings, energy work, and Adoption Dances to see if we can seal the deal. This family is Perfect! And y'all know that I only want Perfect for my sweet little Efie Poo.

And now comes the cuteness! I took some fun pictures of both Efah and Nimue at the adopt a pet on November 1st. I'm just now getting around to sharing them.

Nimue checking out the birds at Petsmart.

At this point, she wanted to eat one.

Efah had a moment of interest as well.

But he just was more interested in getting lots of attention from being on a harness. Isn't he handsome?