Sunday, January 27, 2013

The cote that can't be darned

My little red cotehardie was damaged in the wretched clothes dryer at my apartment complex.  That dryer has a tendency to snag clothes and then rip holes in them.  But I've never seen it do this level of damage before.  Obviously I am no longer using the machine at my apartment complex.  I now take my clothes to a proper laundromat.

When I first saw the damaged spot, I figured I could sew the rip back together.  Afterall, the rip is in a straight line.  I should be able to accomplish that.  But tonight I realized that the rip just wasn't that simple.  Not only did the fabric rip apart, but a whole chunk of fabric was just missing.

I can't fix that.  Not without matching fabric to put in a patch.  And I don't have any more of that fabric.  Plus, I got that particular fabric at an outlet store in the fabric disctrict.  So matching it is near impossible.  The only way I could pull off a patch job is if I decide to sacrifice the detachable sleeves. 

My other option is to hack off the bottom of the skirt at the rip.  That would make the cote just longer than knee length.  I've seen earlier blaiut dresses that were layered with a shorter dress on top, but I'm not sure I've seen any cotehardies done that way.

Given that I have yet to ever wear my detachable sleeves with this particular cote, I am going to go ahead and sacrifice the sleeves for a patch.  That is my most versatile option being that hacking the skirt length would mean having to make up a whole new under cote to be wearable.  And I just don't have time for that before I need to wear it.


What about sewing on a band of fabric all around at the level where the rip is? Either that or add a full border of contrasting fabric at the hem after you cut off where the rip starts?

My first thought was something like this:

Maggie Smith said...

Oh that's a good point! I did patch it last night and took some photos. It's not the nicest fix. The rip is about 8 inches deep, so it would have to be a large border. I might be able to make that work and it would look Much nicer!

I wonder what I have in the stash that would work. I might actually still have some black linen scraps that I can make bands out of.