Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hello Spring Showers!

A funny thing happens when people are caught inside a grocery store as the bottom falls out of the sky.  Some people hover around the doorway thinking, "this is Texas, it'll slow in a minute or two."  Others will make the mad dash to their cars, scurrying like mice caught in the kitchen when the light comes on.  And then there's the folks who came prepared.  They saunter out of the store with their jackets and umbrellas... and all the time in the world.

I happened to be one of the ones unprepared.  The rain bega almost exactly as I was checking out at the register.  The moment I heard the downpour a little voice inside my head said, "oh Fuck!"  I couldn't even remember which aisle I parked on!  So I sat outside the door under the awning with a few others who couldn't make up their minds whether to wait or make the dash-and one lady whose lovely husband went to get the car for her.  Eventually, I decided I couldn't wait any longer.

It's been a while since I've been caught in a cold Spring rain without at least a rain jacket.  This time I was also in sandals.  I ran as hard as I could with my little cart and I still ended up soaked.  I even slipped out of my sandals a couple of times on the way.  Soaked and dishevelled the groceries were placed in the car.  And then I sat myself in my seat and watched the others making the same decision I did. 

One by one they flew by trying to reach their vehicles.  Each with their own style.  There were those making the frantic dash the same as I did, zig-zagging through puddles with their eyes only on the prize-shelter.  There were also those who had resigned themselves to being soaked, so what was the hurry?  But my favorite of the evening was the balding older man who had wrapped a plastic grocery bag around his head.  He was one of the ones taking his time.  Because as long as his head wasn't getting wet, the world was going to be ok.

You wanna know what the really funny thing is?  I had Both a rain jacket and a giant umbrella in my car.  I just got cocky about what the clouds would do.  Lesson learned.  In a state famous for the statement, "if you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes," meteorological arrogance will get you kicked in the ass.  Thanks, Texas.  I'll likely not forget that for a long while.