Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A competitive shocker

"I'm not competitive, when I see something that belongs to me, I just go get it."

I have never thought of myself as a competitive person. Beating someone at a game has never been something that I HAD to do to make myself happy. In fact, in my brief stint in the one sport I've ever participated in for my whole life, rowing, the races were the Worst part of the sport for me. I hated them. I hated competing with my fellow singers for Choir competitions as well. I remember the last one of my Choir career, I flat out skipped because I didn't care.

However, there is something in this Hollywood Stock Exchange that brings out a competitive crazy person. The quote above is something I Actually said about myself in regards to my desire to climb the ladder to the top of my league. I was shocked.

I finally added the newest members of the league to my listing. They've been playing for a while, I just didn't have then on my listing. Well, now there's two more people in my way for being top dog. I was only one step away, now I'm 3.

All I have to say to those two extra folks in my way is, "Bring It On!"