Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LuceyLot and Maizy Loo

My dog, Maizy is a very forgiving dog. She's never been a fan of other dogs, but when it comes to cats she's been pretty bombproof. Below is a series of photographs starring Miss LuceyLot and Maizy illustrating just how awesome she is with the kittens:

Hehe, these are my favorites

I'z Going to Eat U for Dinnerz!!!!

Lucey is really beginning to come into her own in regards to playtime and silliness. Charmin's still quite a bit ahead of her in the silliness dept, but Lucey is nearly as fast tearing across the apt as Charmin is and she scraps just as dirty when they wrestle. And as you can see, she's a bit of a biter when it comes to vanquishing a foe. She gets that from her mother.


Mellie said...

Those are precious! Maizy is such a sweetie! :)

PM Summer said...

Ahhhhh! Death by cuteness!!!!

(At least it's a nice death.)