Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pictures out the Wazoo

As you all know I am Way behind on my picture posting for these darling kittens. They're growing like weeds and thus I have many pictures to share.




Those photos were the first I took when I got home from a weekend away. I was just Shocked at how much they had grown in three days!

My bells seem to be a favorite toy.

Last night Charmin discovered - The Couch! She was launching herself at it and velcroing those little claws on the side, so I brought her up to sit with me. Then she decided she wanted to play on the top. I have NO idea why it was so much fun to Spazz out on the top of the couch and disappear behind it and then come back up, but she went so crazy with it that Taquita even joined in a couple of times until she remembered she's not supposed to claw my couch. I really need to get Charmin used to Not doing it either as it's a bad habit. It was just so cute last night, I couldn't help it.

And now I give you *gasp* THE FINGER which must be vanquished!!!