Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cat Houses FTW!

As you all know, I have a few cats. I guess a few is an understatement when you add in the various fosters I care for now and again. But the point is that I have cats. And those cats Love their carpeted Tower of Power. I've actually set it over next to the most frequented doorway and they enjoy swatting people or begging for attention whenever someone passes by. That tower is nearly 7 years old now. And it's pretty darn shabby looking. It also won't hold more than one cat at a time. So I've been considering purchasing a second Tower of Power, this time with a little house in it for hiding. But the cost of such pieces of pet furniture is generally Cost Prohibitive in this economy. Actually, in Any economy for my budget.

So you can just imagine that I was Tickled Pink today when someone sent me a link to Caboodle Cardboard Cat Furniture!!!!! This little recyclable unit seems to answer my prayers for additional cat furniture. The size is right for the remaining cats to be accommodated, the height is right for gazing out the window, and most importantly, the Price is right for my pocket book!

One of these days maybe they'll engineer a taller Caboodle and I can get rid of the nasty carpeted beast once and for all. I'd go ahead and do it now, but I think the cats would revolt.