Sunday, August 2, 2009

Taking "Mommie Nabisco" to a new level

Little Miss Efah is slowly getting better from her upper respiratory issue due to some antibiotics along with shower steam therapy. She doesn't like the steaming, but she tolerates it. Mostly she tries to hide under my arm. I really hope it is making a difference as I'd hate to put her through ththe stress of the shower for nothing.

Last night after Efah's steam Nimue came into the bathroom to clean and comfort her. Nimue was being very sweet about her bathing opportunity. Usually she is too rough and I have to separate her from whomever is the object of the mothering. I didn't get to that though because about halfway through the bath, Nabisco butted in and decided Efah needed to be removed from the situation altogether.

Efah is around 9 weeks old, so she isn't exactly tiny. But Nabisco actually attempted picking Efah up by her neck. Nabisco never did get Efah off the floor, but she still accomplished what she wanted as Efah walked in the direction she wanted to carry her. When they got to the bathroom door, Nabisco stopped and began a very thorough bath. And in between licks, she would shoot me this rather funny, "How Dare You" look. Apparently, I was overstepping some boundaries with "her kitten." Nabisco has been known to try stealing kittens directly from under mothers' nests, but I think that her protection over Efah has brought her "mommie" status to a whole new level.