Sunday, September 13, 2009

Efah's first Adopt-a-Pet event

Since Mr. Efah has recovered so quickly from his surgery, I decided to take him to his first Adopt-a-Pet event today. I am proud to report that he did Very well. He was nervous at first, and never did quite feel comfortable in his cage, but all of that is quite understandable. He would calm down when I was near and I would hold him off and on.

Efah also received his first collar. I got him one of those reflective collars so even if he did scratch at it a lot, he couldn't tear it up as quickly. And Petsmart has a new tag engraving system. So his tag is one of those plates that is riveted along the collar, not a hanging tag. It looks Great on him! And he's surprisingly not that bothered by the collar.

I'm so proud of how my little one has grown up!

I also spoke with a couple who is looking for a Russian Blue with some sass. Well, that's Nimue to the T! The guy used to have a sassy Russian Blue years ago and he wants another one. And get this, they have a Catahoula! How funny is that? We had a nice talk about 'houlas. I think they'll be perfect for Nimue. So let's hope they contact me!

Texas Pawprints had a great day overall for adoptions today. We adopted 8 and sent two out to foster. I'm crossing my fingers that we can keep the momentum going for next weekend!