Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New beginnings - on various levels

Previously I have discussed the various Courtyard Kitties in my apartment complex. Efah is a product of the growing population here. I have often said that I wanted to start trapping cats here, but I've never settled down and done it until now. I've had a trap for several weeks now and my neighbor had offered to help me. We just needed to get a chain for the trap so it couldn't be easily liberated from the premises. Apparently, traps have disappeared from our complex a few times, so better to be safe than sorry.

This week began our quest to trap and sterilize the population of Courtyard Kitties. And who was our first jail bird? Non other than Frankie, the cat belonging to one of my neighbors.

He escaped from her apartment immediately after she moved here and she's not been able to catch him since. Unfortunately, she also hadn't neutered him. Frankie is hanging out in seclusion in my bathroom at the moment while I figure out what to do with him. He's not feral. He's just timid. Outside, I never could get near him. In my bathroom, he lets me pet his head and he talks to me. Although he hasn't moved from that box of fabrics all day. Who can blame him, it's got to be cushy, right?

I've left a note with Frankie's owner and have yet to hear anything from her. Honestly, I don't think I will hear anything from her. She's been rather negligent with him thus far. But we're in Luck! Texas Pawprints is having a Neuter Day tomorrow! So he'll be packed off to the shelter first thing in the morning. They're already booked full, but apparently it's a general occurance that several of the cats can't be neutered for whatever reason, so he just might make the cut this week. Please cross your fingers for us!!! Because I can't trap anymore until he is recovered from the neuter and able to be released with someone.

In addition, I have news about Efah. In the very beginning I thought Efah to be a boy, but then changed my mind. Apparently I need to learn to trust my first instincts because I was right the first time. Efah is indeed a boy. And Very ready to be neutered. While I'm a little sad that I can no longer call Efah "Miss Efahline", this actually explains A Lot! He's scrawny, scrappy, and a down right little punk. A sweet little punk, but a punk nontheless. Efah's being a boy just puts new perspective on his kamikaze play. Efah will also be going to the Neuter Day tomorrow morning in the hopes that he will make the cut to be sterilized as well.

Please keep Efah and Frankie in your thoughts and prayers as even Neuter surgeries which are done many times every day still carry risk. Each time I send one of my kittens to be spayed or neutered, I think of my little Virgo and the accident which caused his passing.