Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Characters of the Nov 21st Adopt a Pet

Adopt a Pet events are often filled with interesting characters whether they be animal or human.  Some of us fall in love, some of us meet our matches, and there's almost always at least one character who gives us a reason for a good laugh.

Meet Lynx and Lorax.  These two boys are around 4 months old and they are just about the sweetest boys ever.  They've always been together and their foster hopes they can be adopted together.  Every once in a while we have some great kittens who defy logic as to why they are passed over each week for adoption.  Efah was one of those.  These two are our current head scratchers.  We're working on ideas to get them better PR so they can find a home soon.

This funny little face belongs to Nibbles.  Nibbles is quite an interesting story.  First we thought she was a He.  Oops.  Sorry Nibbles.  Then she just decided to stop growing.  She came down with the basic sniffles and worried the bajeezus out of us as she stayed under 2 lbs for quite a long time.  Then all of a sudden she decided she wanted to fight to live after all!  She began fighting the crud.  And she started growing.  She still has sneezy remnants here and there, but otherwise she's bright and happy.  She's also rather inquisitive.  She's quite literally one of our miracle kitties.  When Nibbles gets a home, I think we're going to celebrate.

This is MK, short for Mama Kitty.  She's trouble.  Why is she trouble?  MK is trouble because I adore Torties.  I have two.  If I could possibly have more cats, I'd have another tortie.  Frankly, I'd probably steal MK!  This tortie has a personality to die for.  She is super sweet and calm.  And let's not forget she's beautiful!  She's also a Manx, which means she doesn't have a tail.  She just has a little stub.  MK was very popular at this adopt a pet event.  She charmed three different people to take her home, but none of them were quite ready for a cat.  I hope somebody takes her home very soon because she is far too sweet and dignified to stay in the foster system for long.

Meet Trouble #2.  This is Hurricane.  And from what I'm told, his name fits.  His foster reports that whenever you hear a crash or bang, you can bet Hurricane is standing right next to the problem.  His sister, Cyclone doesn't play with him much, in fact, she often looks on at his hijinx in horror.  But that's not all Hurricane is about.  He is also a purring machine!  And he loves to cuddle.  He needs a family who will play with him a lot and who doesn't mind cleaning up after the storm in between cuddles.