Friday, June 20, 2008

Could this be good news for DFW air quality?

As a person who has recently been a passenger for mass transit, anything I come across mentioning improvements to said transportation perks my ears right up. I reside where mass transit is on nearly every corner. However I work where mass transit is here, there and maybe not. Having a car for me isn't just convenience, sometimes its a necessity. Trips to the grocery store are not viable unless I'm only buying dry goods as the only stores on my route are the ones across the street from my office. But that doesn't mean that I don't look forward to more improvements to mass transit. Oh no. I get excited when I hear that we're getting more train lines and that employers are further being encouraged to purchase transit passes for their employees. I think that if we could get over our cars we'd all live a little better. But mass transit has to be better before we get over our cars.

In this week's Dallas Business Journal there is an article about a possible new ordinance that is being discussed. Some cities want to restrict car traffic.

Part of me sees the word "restrict" and it makes me squint my eyes with mistrust. I'm one of those who despises Smoking Bans because I feel that people should be allowed to do whatever they want to do provided it is within the law. We are in America, after all. But then the person in me who is constantly worried about oil prices and how we will sustain our energy needs sees this as just the thing that could push enough people over to using mass transit that could make Some Sort of Difference!

And in the process it makes me wonder why on earth it takes this much work and legislation to get people (including myself) to submit to what is right for us.

The latest addition to my line of car ownership is the First to have been made in this new millenium. So it's the First to have any sort of decent gas mileage.