Friday, December 5, 2008

Charmin might have a home after Christmas!

I just put her and LuceyLot's profiles on Petfinder yesterday and today we've already got a hit on Charmin. I just left a message with a guy who has lost all of his animals in a Divorce and says he cannot function in life without a cat. He wants to meet Charmin soon. She and Lucey are scheduled to be spayed on the 23rd of Dec, so they can't go home with anyone until a week after, but he seems to be ok with that as I put that information right in their profile. Y'all keep your fingers crossed for me that when we meet he's a good candidate! Frankly, I'm a little shocked that Charmin got an inquiry before LuceyLot did. Lucey's pictures are way cuter. But you know, I'm glad either way. Frankly, it's harder to adopt out a brown tabby, so I'll be tickled pink if she goes first!