Thursday, December 30, 2010

Atticus - the little cuss

This is Atticus.  He's one of my foster babies for now.  Sometimes I look at him and forget he's not Efah, my little black kitten from last year.  He's just as cuddly as Efah was.  Then the "little cuss" will come out and I remember real quick.  Atticus suffers from the eternal fear that he's not going to be fed enough.  So breakfast and dinner times are a bit of a challenge.  Especially since Mariner has now decided that she has to mimic that behavior.  All of that should change, though, if he can score a forever home that will free feed.  And I'm sure he'll end up being a "fat and happy little cuss."

I don't know what it is about my sewing, but all the cats love to interfere with that.  You may recognize that fabric Atticus is on as the fabric I used for my niece's garb.  That's what I was sewing here.  Atticus just decided to plop down on the fabric and try to nap.  Of course, my attempt at removal turned into a game.

So then I decided to try to move the fabric I was working on.

"Oh Noes, it's MINE!"

"You cannot takes mah Fabrics!  I must Hoard dems!"

Yes, Atticus speaks in LOL Cats.


Trisha said...

I completely love kitties, but black kitties especially have a soft spot in my heart. I've always wanted one but never had one :D The last foster kitties I had, there were 2 little black boys in them!! so adorable, esp. the one who snuggled up to me.

Maggie ~:) said...

Yeah, black kitties are special. I think the most cuddly kittens I've ever had were the black ones.