Friday, December 10, 2010

Archive Fridays

When I first started fostering pregnant mom's and their kittens, I began a blog over at Live Journal so my fellow fosters and friends could keep up with their progress.  I haven't posted on that particular blog since 1998 because of the confines of the Live Journal commenting rules.  I wanted to expand to a more public space.  Now the time has come to let that old Live Journal account go.  To be honest, I had almost forgotten it existed.

So in honor of my original foster blog, I'll be posting those archived posts over here as I move them over.  I'll post one every Friday until the entire story over there is placed over here.  I hope you'll  join me for my weekly looks down memory lane.

The first installment is here.  Foster Kitty Flo was a great first mama for me.  I adored her babies.  I hope you enjoy the story.


Trisha said...

Wow, that is one old blog! Hehe. I look forward to checking out the old entries.

Umm, yeah I'm farsea over at LJ, I decided to start a blog here (which I have done) but will be mirroring its posts over at LJ. :D Anyway, I'm following you now! Yay! :)