Wednesday, June 21, 2006

6/21/06: Still No Kittens

However, I thought Miss Flo was nesting last night as I woke up to a strange sound and found that she had somehow gotten to the topmost part of my closet and started kneading/shredding the styrofoam inside my Computer speakers box. I took her down immediately as A. I don't think styrofoam is safe for the kittens to be born in and B. that's just too high for me to monitor and I'd have to take her down anyways. I can still feel movement, but I have decided taht she really hasn't filled with milk yet, I was seeing some fat in her tummy instead. Which I didn't recognize as fat. Anyways, the point is I'm not sure when the kittens will come and I think I'm more anxious than she is about it. I mean, everytime she moves I stare at her trying to figure out if it's time. Ahahaha! I'm a dork.