Monday, June 19, 2006

Archive Fridays - 1st Post

On Sunday, I had to call Texas Pawprints and tell them that I couldn't help with the Adopt A Pet after all. They informed me that we have quite a few mothers nursing litters as well as mothers about to give birth any day now and the shelter really needs fosters for ALL of them. I'm pretty good at trying to inlist help among my friends, so I took that information and spread the word, as I'm sure they hoped I would. At first, I told them I couldn't take another foster let alone a pregnant mother. But by the end of the day, I wore myself down and decided to go ahead with it. Yep, I caved. I mean, who can resist Kittens???!!!!???? Not me!

I'll be posting pictures of Flo soon. She's already starting to fill her teats a little, so I expect her to deliver any day now. And she's certainly Uncomfortable with that tight belly. She's Really sweet though and I'm sure she'll just be a love to have around the house. This all, of course, really upsets my foster Taquita. My cat Nabisco could care less and my other cat Dunbar is being distant, but Taquita is just really not happy about it at all. So I hope the kittens come soon so she'll realize what's going on and calm down with the hisseyness.