Thursday, July 24, 2008

Now this is just Cool!

I have several friends now that have become biking enthusiasts. I'm not referring to motorcycles or dirt bikes, I'm talking plain old peddle your self down the street bikes. This excitement amongst my friends started about 2 years ago, right as gas started getting crazy, but just before people started Needing to ride their bikes to cut down on expenses.

One of these friends of mine was determined to talk me into the bike enthusiasm bandwagon. I resisted whole heartedly for a while. Until gas started Really cutting into my living expenses to a point where I was refusing to go anywhere lest I waste gas. And then I wrecked my car two months ago. That was the clincher.

I now have a little bike. It's nothing special. I bought it at Target. And now I find myself riding instead of driving to my friends' houses just down the way. I much prefer to ride if the weather is nice, I've noticed. The only thing I'm missing is the ability to take my dog with me. I have a 70 lb elderly catahoula leopard dog. she's arthritic and out of shape. She needs a ride.

In my looking around for a way to involve my sweet girl in the new outdoor fun, I came across a neat little gadget. As someone who Loves gadgets, I think I Need one of these.

It's a little bike trailer called a DoggyRide. I mean, how cool is that?

And just to increase the Cool factor, it can take a pretty good beating as well. There's a guy who is trekking across America right now with his dog using one of those things! You should check out his blog, Tour de Dog, it's really interesting to see where he's been via the photos he posts. And his dog, Chiva, is So excited to be there with him on his adventure! He's doing the whole tour for a good cause too. He's raising awareness for the needs of animal shelters. That's something else I can get behind!