Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When I was a little girl...

I wanted to live in the jungles and live with the animals. As I grew up I decided that I should catalogue and photograph these animals. Dian Fossey was my heroine. She wasn't a perfect person by any means, but she touched my heart.

I chose my college based on a few things, but one of them was their biology program. I knew I needed to have a strong background in biology to land a job as an Ethologist. Unfortunately, I wasn't cut out to stay on that path, or even in school. I am happy with the path my life has taken, but occasionally I reminisce and wish I had buckled down and stayed with my original dream.

National Geographic is one of those publications that often pulls me back into my old dream. Mostly because it was my Absolute dream to have my work documented by its renowned photographers. Incidentally, when I left biology for photography study, National Geographic was still my ultimate goal. And I guess I can even say that as an aspiring writer plublication in National Geographic continues to be my ultimate goal.

This week there are two stories which have touched my dreaming heart. First, the images of the newly born white lions were an incredible sight to behold. I mean, Look at those Faces!!! Who wouldn't want to spend their entire life studying those!!!

Then this story from National Geographic caught a hold of me. I have a hard time coming to terms with much of China's politics as well as their lack of animal welfare policies. However, this one bright light in the face of the tragic earthquake touches me. It gives me hope to know that there is Someone out there who is trying to save these animals. She can't save them all, that's for sure, but she's still trying.

I've often said that my work volunteering in cat rescue is bound to be preparation for something great. The great thing is that I recently realized that it has prepared me to teach myself many things about animal behavior. These are the very things that I dreamed to do in more exotic locations. In my career as a foster I have watched, waited, and problem solved my way into making various cats ready for adoption. And soon I will be undertaking a project with my neighborhood feral cats that isn't too unlike the work that Dian Fossey did when she began cataloguing those silverback gorillas.

Isn't it strange when you actually do realize your dreams in such round-about ways that you didn't notice?