Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meet Iggy Jr. He's ready for adoption.

Iggy Jr. is one of many cats in my apartment complex that we call "courtyard kitties". Courtyard Kitties are a collective of cats who have been abandoned, ran away from home, were born on the streets, or got lost and just stopped here. If by my description you are thinking, "wow, there must be several then," you would be correct. At current there is a woman at the back of the complex who feeds around 4 and then there's at least 4 wandering in and out of the front courtyard as well. Iggy Jr. is the newest of the Courtyard Kitties. He's also the Tamest.

Iggy Jr. is named so because he is an identical match to a cat named Iggy that belongs to a resident. Iggy is an indoor/outdoor cat so Iggy Jr. has caused a bit of confusion. As such, the resident has accidentally tamed Iggy Jr thinking he was actually his cat.

Iggy and Iggy Jr. were both neutered together last night through a generous Texas Pawprints program. Iggy is going back to his owner and Iggy Jr. is going back to the courtyard. However, Iggy Jr. really is tame enough for adoption. Texas Pawprints is unable to absorb him into their system due to space and funding issues at this time. This may actually be best for Iggy Jr. as he really is an indoor/outdoor cat and Texas Pawprints has a very strict rule against adopting out for any outdoor situation.

For the time being, Iggy Jr. will remain out in our courtyard but, I would love to be able to place him with a family. If anyone would be interested in adopting Iggy Jr., please contact me. Since he's not in the Texas Pawprints program, the usual adoption fee does not apply, however, I would ask for a donation towards the shelter since their generosity is the sole reason he has been neutered and is ready for adoption.