Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Day for MaizyLoo

Today is a first day for Miss MaizyLoo. This afternoon she begins her relationship with a dog walker.

While I'd love to say that I'm doing this just to spoil Maizy rotten, I have to admit that I'm doing it because I have to. Maizy turned 13 this month and her health is such that she needs a potty break in the afternoons now. I've been coming home for lunch the past two weeks to take care of her, but as it takes longer than an hour to get home and back, it's been affecting my work, not to mention the added wear and tear on my car. Originally, Texas Pawprints (the shelter I volunteer with) was going to step in and help me at a very low cost. But they were not going to be able to guarantee to help 5 days a week. I greatly appreciate their generosity, but I need a guaranteed 5 days a week service, so I finally bit the bullet and called professionals.

I'm happy to announce that I now have a business relationship with Companion Pet Services. I had a meeting with the owner and Maizy's dog walker last night and they are lovely people. They even do quite a bit of rescue work, so of course we had Lots to talk about when they met my household of past and present fosters.

I plan on doing a full review of Companion Pet Services' walking service once Maizy has had a chance to walk with them for a while. From last night's meeting, though she took to her walker right away and of course the walker just Loved Maizy, but who Doesn't love Maizy right????

Wish us luck! This service isn't exactly within my comfortable realm of budgeting, so things are going to be much tighter around our house from now on. But in the end, Maizy will get exercise and more social interaction, which will increase her lifespan and even happiness. And that's Really what matters when you get right down to it. I may not aspire to have human children, but I am absolutely dedicated to giving my fur children the absolute Best care they can receive.