Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sweep the Fridge Experiments

Coming home to a house full of nothing cohesive always presents a problem. But at least I usually have a few tested staples on hand to fill in the blanks of a mystery meal. This time, it was pretty much all mystery. I was out of onions, the potatoes in the cupboard are for boiling, not sauteing, and all of the legumes on hand were dried and not previously soaked, so I couldn't even pull a quick and dirty bean soup out of the air.

But I did have Scallions. And I had those potatoes that Could work sauted. And I had cabbage. And, wait for it, I had...Bacon! One last strip was left. So of to work I went.

Basically, I heated up some olive oil in my skillet, carmelized the potatoes, and added the julienned scallions, chopped bacon, and shredded cabbage and stirred. I also salted and peppered and added some Tony Chacheries. After everything was good and cooked to my specifications, I added in some chopped garlic and a splash of red wine vinegar. The result looked something like this:

Unfortunately, the LCD screen on my camera has been shattered, so I'm sort of handicapped with my photography, but you can sort of see what I produced. I can't say it was a Fabulous meal. It was good, but being that it was thrown together quickly with little options, it definately can use some tweaking. I think it needs Rosemary and maybe white wine vinegar instead of red. And I should add more cabbage and put it in later. It would be better if it was not burned.

I also tried boiling some dried fava beans and lentils. It was Horrible! I added red wine vinegar to that one too and unfortunately, the vinegar killed the whole thing. So I tossed it and settled for chips and salsa as a side.


Melanie said...

Add bacon to anything and it'll taste pretty good! Also, fry an egg on top of that and you've got a good hash thing going on :) (if you like eggs of course...)