Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A day of mourning

Today the world said an official goodbye to Michael Jackson. Like many people, I watched the memorial online from my office. I have not been an actual fan for many years.

Thriller was the first record I ever bought. I was in kindergarten. When I was a little older I remember wearing out the Bad tape. I think that was the first tape I ever actually wore out and couldn't listen to anymore. Over the years after Bad, I always watched MTV with wonder everytime he released a new video, but I never bought another CD and I soon lost touch with his music as a whole. I was going the Heavy Metal route. But watching this memorial today reminded me of much of my childhood and thus I mourned with the rest of the world. I mourned the loss of someone who so greatly influenced popular culture and even my own memories.

For all the accusations over the years, Michael Jackson was one who inspired many people. He was a generous giver and to his fans, a bright light in a world which can sometimes be harsh or cruel. So for today I am choosing to place all of the negativity aside and think only on the positive side of Michael Jackson. And I bestow my blessings on his family, especially his children. May they continue to remember their Daddy as they do now, and may they also be granted reprieve from the harsh media which often turned so horribly on their Daddy.

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson. I hope that you now have the peace you searched so longingly for in life.