Friday, July 3, 2009

Workin' on the weekends

As if my regular Monday - Friday 9 - 6 job wasn't enough, I often like to work on the weekends too. Fortunately, I have the presence of mind to work at something fun and rewarding on the weekends, otherwise I think I'd turn into a crazy person. Wait, ummm...

So the weekend of the 19th I was off on a road trip with the boys of Hate City Pictures to Larkspur, CO for the Colorado Renaissance Festival. This is the last year of filming for their documentary Huzzah! The Movie. Being that we are Texans used to a land of Flat, we went a little crazy with the mountain photos once we hit New Mexico. Seriously, there was nearly 200 pictures of Just mountains. Here's one or two.

This is a volcano. Seriously, a volcano. See that line that spirals up? That's a road that takes you to the top. There's supposedly a giftshop up there. Did I mention I come from the land of flat?

Ooooh, pretty!

And then there's the actual Faire.

Lookie there, this faire recycles!

This guy was pretty cool. He was etching glass onsite.

This is the Marquiche. What an Amazing character!!

Me Sunday AM feeling the burn of the first day of filming an uphill faire. Oh boy was I not awake.

Me after I woke up and the sun came out. Maybe about 30 minutes later or so.

And here's the crew...

Note my striped socks. You can't buy those at any of my local faires anymore for some reason, so I was just giddy over finally getting some striped socks.

So then on the following weekend I participated in the 48 hour Film Project. I was a part of a pretty sizable team. We pulled Suspense/Thriller out of the bag along with the regular requirements everyone else had. This was my first competition/race to work, so it was all new to me. It was also my first time as 1st AD. I usually just do Continuity.

Thanks to my crewmates from Hand2Toe Creative, there's a few pictures and some video to share.

First day of shooting
The Crane

And here's my little setup.

I'm now totally portable. My tripod is lightweight, yet sturdy. It was designed for nature photographers and thus for being mobile. The mod cost me all of $5. I think I'm going to collect scarves for it so it has a little glam rock personality. I also need one more contraption to hang my clipboard from. Hmmm...

Me, outside, workin' in the heat, with my trusty straw hat. I believe this is just before the temperatures became sweltering.

This weekend will be normal, I promise. I have shopping and BBQs. And chores.