Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fiddle Lesson upgrade

I had my 2nd fiddle lesson today. And now I have upgraded. I have a Book of Songs! Yes folks, today I learned a few notes and I am on my way to playing Beethoven like a good little violinist.

But wait! Aren't I supposed to be playing Irish Fiddle? What's with this classical stuff? Well, I have to say that for a classical icon, Beethoven sure did compose a very easy, and yet exercising beginner symphony. That's right, I am learning the legandary Ode to Joy. The movement that everybody knows from his 9th symphony. This is also the first piece I ever learned for the flute for 6th grade band. And then when I was a senior in High School, I sang it in a city-wide choir production along with Faure's Requiem. So you see, I'm rather excited about this being my first song to learn because we have a bit of a history. I can't wait to get this piece down. I also want to move on to the next one, but mostly I want to perfect this one.

I still sound terrible, but things are Much improved now that I have new strings and have had my tuning pegs re-fitted. There is hope this week that I have a shot at being pretty decent. Yay!!