Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New feral in the neighborhood

I have another feral family. This mom is brown tabby and white and she has a brown tabby kitten and a torbie kitten. I have not seen any others, so I assume there's only two.

This video was taken this morning via my macbook built in camera. The quality is terrible, but it does the job. Sort of. Watch under the window and you'll see the kittens emerge. The torbie is just about the cutest thing you've ever seen!

I'm working on getting these guys to eat closer and closer to a crate I've set up outside. I'm going to attempt to trap them with a carrier. It'll be a lot slower that way, but I'm afraid the kittens won't be trapped if I use a traditional trap. So we're going to try this. If it doesn't work, I have some pro trappers to give me pointers.


Brindle said...

Ahhhh, found it!