Friday, January 9, 2009

Dallas Public Transportation Coming Along

Thanks to The Women's Museum's blog yesterday, I am all giddy over the news that the Green Line section of DART's public rail system is expected to be open by September of next year!

This means we'll still have to deal with the awful construction for the North Texas Irish Festival, but the State Fair of Texas can be traveled to by train. And since I've had a moratorium on concerts at the Starplex ( center now, I'm Stubborn!) due to the $20 price tag just on parking alone, this means I can afford to start going to concerts again! Now if only the good festivals will stop going North up to Frisco, I'll be set! Ahem, Ozzfest, are you listening?????


Melanie said...

What a silly center???

What days will you be at NTIF? Let us know when you'll be there because we are definitely taking Rachel this year. With her love for dogs and all things musical, I can't wait to take her and see how she reacts to everything! :) She even dances now...she sways kinda like Stevie Wonder and every so often bounces her knees!

Maggie ~:) said...

I'll probably go both Sat and Sun. Saturday will most likely be the rowdy day and Sunday the quiet day. There's also a small chance I'll go Friday night as well, but we'll have to see what my bank account says As All-Con is the next weekend and I have to fit both in my budget. Friday night is the time where it is ok for Maizy to go since there is less dogs around.