Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Oregano Problem

In my apartment complex I am not the only person who has an interest for gardening. My upstairs neighbor also dabbles in urban container gardening. From time to time we will care for each other's plants when we go out of town. I really enjoy this kind of community.

Over Christmas, I was home and so I was asked to care for his potted oregano. This particular oregano plant had been raised from seed. My neighbor prides himself on raising all of his plants from seed. I like to cheat and buy the plant from a nursery.

When I received the plant, the oregano was spilling over the side of the container nearly touching the ground. And although the leaves were a touch dry, the plant looked quite healthy. Unfortunately, it didn't stay that way. Within a couple of days, the oregano began showing signs of drying up. I was completely confused by this as my own oregano plant sitting less than 3 feet away looked Lovely.

(my oregano)

At this point, I just did what I could to keep it watered and hoped for the best. Despite all my best efforts, the whole thing finally just dried up entirely and began to die. I, of course, felt horrible for killing this lovely plant.

My neighbor has been back for two weeks now and has yet to come get his oregano. Either he has forgotten about it or he was disappointed that it was on its way to herbal heaven and just left it with me.

Just before my neighbor came back, I pruned out all of the obviously dead branches and left the ones which had some green left in the stem or actual green leaves hanging on. This morning I removed all of the dead leaves from the remaining branches. Boy does it look pitiful now, haha.

(neighbor's oregano after the death removal)

As you can see, it's not ALL dead. Some of it did survive, but just imagine that plant being full and lush and almost reaching the ground. It is a pitiful sight compared to what it used to look like. Although, the remaining green gives me hope that it can be resurrected. And Look! There's some totally New growth popping out!

(the small leaves in the middle are the new growth)

I always thought that I was incredibly lucky that I've resurrected my Memama's Ivy plant no less than 4 times over the last 3 years. But if I can pull off the resurrection of this oregano, then I may start to believe I have some sort of Gift of Plant Resurrection or something. It sure would be nice if in a couple of weeks I could walk up to my neighbor's apt and present him with a renewed oregano plant!


Melanie said...

Gift of Plant Resurrection...I think that's a new buff in World of Warcraft! :)

If ever I get a cutting off my grandmother's rose bush, I'll have to give you a call (its flowers are dark burgundy, they look like vlevet, and it has the strongest smelling flowers I've ever encountered! She bought it YEARS ago at a local Safeway!).

Maggie ~:) said...

Ooooh Oooh Oooh!!! Yes please!