Friday, January 16, 2009

Did you say SWEET Nimue????

Yes, I did.

In the last week or so since I posted the video of Nimue showing so much affection towards me, I have seen a Drastic change in her regular behavior. I am happily surprised to see that she is continuing her affection and even attempting to play somewhat less violently with the other cats.

Not only that, but she has clocked more time in my lap than Roz, which is pretty amazing. As well as she has ousted my bedtime cuddler, Dunbar, from his spot on my bed each night.

She's still somewhat food aggressive - growling at anyone who has to eat next to her, but the growling is less and less and she also is Only growling and not slapping at anyone. She is also beginning to pay attention to her own food as opposed to running for whatever bowl I've just filled and thus displacing the entire herd multiple times during breakfast and dinner.

Now if only I can convince her to stop scratching my grandmother's chair, we'll be SET! I did catch her trying to scratch up the sisal rug I got the cats for Christmas and I praised the Hell out of her, so it is possible that she can be turned from the chair, it's just going to take some Work!