Sunday, January 4, 2009

Please send a message to Petland

This summer a Petland was opened across the parking lot from my work. I was excited as the PetCo across the street had shut down. Then I went in and saw that they were Selling puppies. I really wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt eventhough it irked me that they didn't support local rescue groups. I didn't spend any money in there and made the decision to not spend any ever, but I was going to keep my mouth shut about it unless it was proven that they were buying their puppies from puppy mills as I had suspected.

Unfortunately, as I was searching for the best reviewed piddle pads for Maizy (she's having a teetee issue lately) my fears were proven correct. Please watch this video and send a letter for action. And please be respectful in your letters that you send. We won't get anywhere with threats or nastiness. Also, the video isn't a horror story like the PETA videos. It is sad, but you can rest assured it is not gruesome.