Tuesday, January 29, 2013

All-Con Costume Madness!

I am running a panel at All-Con this year about Historical Costuming in Anime.  I was struck by several young costumers at Anime Fest last year who were beginning to show an interest in being period correct for their Anime cosplays based on history.  So I decided this was Finally an Anime topic I could contribute to!

Well, my patterns arrived today, so here is a sneak peek of the work I have in store for putting my costume together for the panel.  Some of you already know what the focus of my panel is going to be, but for the rest of you, can you guess what Anime I'm working on?


I know next to nothing about anime (although now I realize I should have asked you for tips when I was making Ed's robe from FMA for a friend!), but I think this idea is just wonderful. Good luck!

Maggie Smith said...

I am nowhere Near an expert! But I sure have had fun learning. Some of the things I've seen the Anime costumers do is pretty epic.