Friday, January 25, 2013

So many pretty dresses!

Stupid CADD!  Here I am working like mad on my new Sherwood Forest Faire cotehardie with repairs on another cote and a whole new 4 piece outfit for All-Con on the queue.  And I am already so excited about my fabric scores for Scarby garb that I can hardly think of anything else. 

I'm completely in love with my new sleeve and stomacher fabric.    It's a chenille brocade.  Usually I don't go for brown tones in my clothing, but this just really struck me.  And depending on the light, sometimes the blue is more present than the gold.  This was a remnant purchase.  I'll be making tie in sleeves and two types of stomachers out of this fabric.  The pieces will attach to my Pendragon Elizabeth bodice for working in the booth at Scarborough Renaissance Festival.

And it turns out that the other fabric I got for faire garb should be enough for sleeves, two types of stomachers, a doublet, a riding bodice and a forepart.  And maybe, if I'm really lucky, there'll be a matching hat in the scraps too.  I'm crazy excited about the possibilities!  I'm not as smitten with the fabric as I am the other fabric above, but I do really like it.  And this little score from the Golden d'Or clearance sale will end up getting me a whole bunch of mix and match options to go with my Pendragon clothes to work in, or my own garb to play in.  It's a win on so many different levels.

Now I just have to focus on the deadlines that are up before Scarby so I can play with these fabrics.  Sewing marathons every weekend, here I come!