Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Little Lost Poopsie

Last night I came home from work only to discover that I was a cat short of the usual herd.  I knew this because I had an unoccupied food bowl at dinner time.  I figured it could be possible that he was feeling a little icky and hiding out, but it was more likely that he slipped out of the apartment that morning along with Nabisco, who I did notice and shuffled back inside.

I spent the next 30 min alternating between looking for The Poops inside and trying to decide whether to set the trap up in the usual place immediately, or just leave him outside on purpose so maybe he'd learn a chilly lesson about running out the door on me.  Of course I decided not to leave my fur child out in the freezing (really, was going to dip below freezing that night) cold all night!  So I grabbed the trusty old cat trap and a towel and headed out to set things up.  I figured once he heard the food bowl he'd be in the trap within 15 minutes.

The Royal Poops caught in the trap one of the other times he escaped

When I got the trap all set up, I called for Bones to finish up his business and come on inside.  As soon as I started calling for Bones, I heard it.  It was the saddest most pitiful Poopsie cry I ever did hear.  and that sad little cry was coming from under my window.  At first I thought it was Nabisco crying at the door to get out.  She's pretty loud when she really wants to get out.  Then I saw his eyes and heard him hiss.  Yep, that was Poopsie Face alright!

I tried to get him to go back down to the other opening where he got under the building in the first place, but NO!  "Mom, I can see you!  Get me out of here right now!". That's what he was crying.  Or that's what it sounded like anyways.  So I dug the bricks out of the opening so he could fit through.  Of course he hissed at me instead of coming out.  He's such a diva that way.  He refused come out until Bones went inside and I put the food out in front of him.  Spoiled brat.  But he was rather humbled by his chilly day outside.  I didn't even have to scruff him and drag him inside.  I just picked up the bowl and opened the door.  He Ran in! 
Now my spoiled little Poopsie Face is enjoying his cushey life inside with the heat.  And warm snuggles.