Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sweet Moments & Milestones

If you follow me on Facebook or remember this blog from another time of activity, you know that I adore my pets.  They truly are my Fur kids.  My dog, Bones, occasionally gets to accompany me on costumed events, but the cats have to "suffer" staying home.  They only get to enjoy my costuming hobby by "helping" with the construction.  This video was taken just after Taquita tried to lay down on my hands while I was sewing on the machine.  I had to move her to get anything done, but these sweet moments are my favorites. They balance out the moments when she's picking fights with my foster cat Luna.

Speaking of Bones,  we've hit a new milestone.  The wee Bones has been living with me for about 10 months now - 8 of those as a foster, and two as an official adoptee.  When he came to me he was mostly house trained.  He knew he was supposed to go potty outside, but there were some spots in the spare room where Maizy used to have accidents that confused him.  Once he chewed his last DVD case and dug his last hole in the couch, convincing me of the virtues of crating Every day as regular routine, we were finally able to knock that confusion out.  However, since I kept a very good schedule for taking him outside before he showed signs of needing to, I never saw him ask to go out.  He never needed to learn.  But I believe he knows.
Yesterday he went to the back door, waited a second, then came back to me.  I asked him if he needed to go outside and he got super excited.  So we went out.  I wondered if it was coincidence or not.  Then tonight it rained and he refused to stay out long the first time I took him out.  And sure enough he went to the door again, waited a few seconds, then started to go into the spare room thought better of it and came to me.  I took him out and he immediately went to the bathroom.  And of course came right back in because it was still raining.  I find it funny that he doesn't bark or whine when he goes to the door, but he's obviously put it all together.  I'm very proud!  And he got a treat for being so smart.

This is Bones at our local park waiting for yoga class to start.  Man I can't wait for warm weather again so we can re-start that Saturday park habit!