Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Me and my Iron

Have I mentioned I hate ironing?  In my real life I never iron.  In fact I just don't buy the kinds of fussy clothes that need to be ironed.  If they aren't good enough hung fresh out of the dryer, they're too fussy for me. 

But in this alternate costuming life I have fashioned for myself I am often ironing.  In fact there's a sort of zen achieved when ironing out new fabric that has been stored semi-wadded up in a heap after being laundered.  It's kind of like I'm giving the fabric a makeover before it is turned into a full fledged princess.  And there's all sorts of seam ironing going on in between the unveiling of the finished transformation. 

I also find myself ironing my costumes after they've been cleaned to make sure they are crisp.  But that ironing is never as fulfilling.  It's still much more tolerable than ironing mundane clothes though.

Over the years I've been through lots of irons.  My cats like to knock them off of my ironing board.  They don't enjoy sharing my attention.  This particular iron is about a year old.  I got it at Big Lots for about $12.  I was looking for a cheap iron that could be sacrificed to the cat gods when they got angry.  It's held up pretty well!  Bonus points for it being purple.  And I've discovered that I much prefer this iron's stainless steel plate than the Teflon that was on my other irons.  It glides better.  I never thought I would ever discuss iron feature preferences ever in the history or future of my life, but there it is.  Teflon is Stupid!


I hate ironing too. It's probably my least favorite part about sewing. I don't derive the same joy that you do from ironing freshly laundered fabric. :)

Maggie Smith said...

I think my least favorite thing about sewing is cutting out pattern pieces. Especially on tissue paper. Oh, and putting away my mess. That's just Dreadful!