Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bones has graduated potty school

You know how I've mentioned that I wasn't sure if Bones really knew how to ask to go outside or not?  I would always catch him walking back and forth in the kitchen, but since my view to that door is blocked from my work station, I never really knew for sure if he was going all the way to the door and asking to go out.  I just thought that he was running back and forth hoping I'd catch on.

Today that changed.

Today I snuck up behind him and saw him go to the door, wait a few seconds, and then look back at me.  Since I wasn't on my way to the door, he then came to me and then went back to the door to ask again.

He's got this asking thing down I think.  I thought about putting a bell at the door so I could Hear him ask to go out, but I'll bet even money the cats would be the ones ringing it all the time.  Ok, Nabisco would be the one ringing it all the time.  She'd probably drive me batty with that bell!