Friday, September 19, 2008

Sir Lancelot's 1st Day Out

Oh what a momentus morning we had today! As we have seen over the last two days, Sir Lancelot's eyes are opening. Well, as of this morning all but the bitty outer corners of his eyes are opened now. I'm sure they'll be fully opened by the time I get home. Anyways, with Sir Lancelot's new eyes, he managed to escape the crate this morning and send his mother into a rather confused frenzy.

I have, of course, commemorated the moment with pictures.

Here's Sir Lancelot and Gawain hanging out near the edge.

And here we see the progression of Sir Lancelot "thinking" about it.

Whoops! There he is! Outside of the crate!

And here's where he's wobbling around worrying Mom.

At this point it was just too much for Nimue, she had to get out there and try to bring him back.

But apparently he was too big for her to figure out how to get in her mouth, so she went into protective mode, which also doubles as wrestle/play mode. I'm tellin' ya, she was very confused. One minute she wanted to relish the room to play with him and the next she didn't want anybody to see him and she kept getting up and laying down and overall just had trouble making up her mind what to do.

Roz wasn't sure either.

And all this time "still blind" Gawain stayed in the crate like a good little boy

Sort of. He TRIED to come out, but he ended up going right back in because he just couldn't see, but he could hear Sir Lancelot crying and going for breakfast, so he decided breakfast was better for now. Gawain's eyes are Starting to crack open. I'm sure he'll have his eyes fully opened by Sunday or Monday.