Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two days old

I am happy to report that the kittens are still doing well. At two days they are doing just what is expected of them. Eating and sleeping.

Nimue is a great mom. She seems to be enjoying the nursing process and is selectively protective of her babies. When I pick them up, she allows it without any fuss, but keeps her eagle eye on them every step of the way. She trusts me to not hurt them, but she isn't about to turn her back. The other household members, however, are not faring so well. She doesn't trust any of the other cats. She hisses some pretty violent warnings when they try to peek into the bathroom where she and her kittens are housed. Sometimes the other cats can get away with walking past the cage directly to me while I'm doing things in the bathroom, but Only if they keep their eyes trained on me and not the kittens.

Maizy doesn't even get that much consideration. Maizy is seen as Evil Incarnate! Yesterday evening Maizy was trying to get a nose in the bathroom doorway while I was letting Nimue have an out of cage walk in the bathroom. Boy was there fireworks! The minute Nimue saw that nose peek through the doorway, she bowed up. It was kind of like one of those old wind up toys. Because the second Maizy attempted to put her foot in the doorway, Nimue had a Tazmanian Devil Spaz attack complete with hiss, spit, and flailing limbs. This of course stopped Maizy in her tracks and she gave me this pathetic "help me" look. So I tried to calm Nimue down and I attempted to walk out of the door so that I could remove the paralyzed Maizy and end the stand off. But apparently I was in the wrong for even attempting to interfere and I got a good swipe for good measure. Looking back, yeah, I should have expected that, but I think I came out pretty good since the other option would have been to grab Nimue and remove Her and that option was just Filled with all kinds of Stupid! I may have gotten bloodied, but in the end, I believe I made the smarter decision.

Speaking of my bathroom, where Nimue and kittens are caged is actually in my closet. Sort of. It's one of those entry way areas to the bathroom which has a tiny closet in it. But since the actual bathroom doesn't have a door, I lump it all into the bathroom area. It's probably more aptly called a dressing room or vanity room or something. I'm not that familiar with late 1940s apartment design, but I have made it into a Really nice large closet. Now, I say it's a large closet. It is. Until you put a giant mommie cage in there and expect to walk around it to get to the bathroom or the actual closet space. Here's some pictures.

See, large closet. Large enough to house a full dresser and a large bookshelf for storage and organizing. But the large closet is dwarfed by the mommie cage. So tonight I'll be taking the mommie cage down and converting one of my large carriers into a "den". Then I'll secure that door to the area so that the other animals can't get crafty about getting in. Seriously. Nabisco is a Champion at opening doors she's not supposed to. If it's off limits, she can open it. Anyways, moving the cage out will also allow me to move the litter box away from where the kittens are sleeping. That bothers me. I know it is necessary when a cage is neccessary, but in our case it's not, so I'll take the solution that doesn't involve the kittens sleeping in litter that their mother has slung onto their bed.

Last time I did this kitten blog thing, I had a food scale and I weighed on a daily basis. I'm going to speak with the rescue in a day or two about borrowing that again. I also have a New feature coming that is a seceret until its unveiling. Trust me, though, you'll like it. I hope to have that up by next week. I just need to stop by a friend's house and pick up another piece of the puzzle.

Well, that's all the news for now. Before I sign out, I'll leave you with some more Cuteness!