Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Let's make some LSD!

Fringe. Did you watch it???????

The first minute was pretty amazing. I'm Crazy about their location titles! The Baghdad one was particularly interesting. I'm also in love with their little title images they cut to just before commercial breaks.

Denethor? Crazy as always. Pacey? Arrogant. Are we surprised? No.

Ok, there were so many classic dialogue moments, Including the Cow, I can't help but Hope that the writers can keep it up. Yes, some moments (ie the brain connection) were cheesey, but remember, first episode. It will get better. Yes, it pretty much Is an X Files rip off. But is that really a problem? I miss the X Files.

The only thing I'm thus far disappointed in is the obviously CGI bionic arm. They could have done better than that. Also the rapid results of the thing a the end were a little much.

Overall, I'm very pleased and I'll be tuning in every week.