Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 3

Last night I finally took down the cage. Nimue is happy as a lark with the new carrier setup. It gives her more coverage/hiding for the kittens and herself, but she can get out and away from the kittens if she wants a break. This morning she did just that as I was getting ready for work. I saw her just stretched out in the closet on her own. It does mean that I have to be more watchful of keeping that door closed to her area though when I'm not home. Here's what the setup looks like now. Still a little crowded but not near as bad.

Speaking of that door, this morning Taquita succeeded at coming to visit me while I was getting ready for work and Nabisco Miserably Failed. See, Taquita can mind her own business and walk straight to me and straight out the door again without nosing into Nimue's business. Nabisco can't help herself. She has always joined me in getting ready for work, but since the kittens are here, she mostly wants to stick her nose in their business. And she'd Really like to steal one like she did with the last litter! I don't believe Nimue is going to allow that like Flo did.

Oh, and remember me mentioning Nimue's habit of flinging litter everywhere and the kittens ending up sleeping in it? Here's what I mean. I think she flung nearly half of her litter from that small box onto the kittens' bed.

The new suprise project is put off until well into next week. My equipment didn't want to work, so I need different equipment. But I promise I'll work on getting it up as soon as I can!

I STILL can't tell what their sexes are. I peeked again this morning and was almost convinced they were both male after for the last two days I've been convinced they were both female. I'm hoping that when the shelter director comes by to take a look at them next week, we can get a final decision, because I can't decide.

Here's the pictures of the day: