Friday, September 26, 2008

Excitement in the house

I have so many pictures to post I'm just going to have to wait until the weekend to wade through them for posting.

There's so much going on with the kittens its Insanity!

First, we have a 2nd orphan. Wednesday the shelter brought over a little Torti girl who had refused bottle feeding, had refused at least one mother for nursing, and refused being syringe fed. So we tried her with Nimue. Of course she decided she liked Nimue. She's 3.5 weeks old, so she's got teeth. Nimue is adjusting to that. Her babies are only 2.5 weeks old and so she wasn't prepared for that. Charmin is 3 weeks old and she is only just now getting teeth to break through her gums. The new orphan's name is Matchstick.

Little Matchstick is doing pretty well with the rest of the household. I'm proud of her. She drank a little water this morning out of the water bowl, but she's not yet shown any interest in the cat food. I'm going to see what I can do about that this weekend. Maybe if I douse some food in KMR she might show some interest in it. Although I suspect that due to her Already showing some of that Torti characteristic hardheadedness, this will not go as planned. It never does with Tortis after all. I'm supposed to be coming up with a better name, but I kind of like Matchstick. And here she is:

I just mentioned above that Charmin is teething. How do I know? Well, I caught her gnawing down hardcore on Nimue's food bowl this morning. That is the bowl, not the actual food Then after that I caught her trying to chomp on the dry food in the bowl. So I put out her own shallower bowl and watered down some of the kibble to make it soft and even put some wet food in the bowl. She slurped the water in the bowl with the kibble and licked a little at the wet food. So I think we are fast on our way to eating food and not nursing so much. This will be great for Sir Lancelot and Guenivere as they seem to always be hungry right now. Especially Sir Lancelot. I think he's getting pushed out of the food bar during nursing time.

Speaking of Sir Lancelot, he came to visit me this morning. I was attempting to do some Pilates in the living room and he decided to come explore. And cry. And explore. He came straight to me (aw) and tried to nuzzle me Everywhere. He as in my hair, in my armpit, in my elbow, in my side, in my face. He was hungry of course. But it was sure sweet of him to come to me when his mommie didn't want to nurse. I think it's possible that my morning floor exercises could be regularly interrupted on a regular basis now.

Sir Lancelot is a very vocal guy. He cries about everything. Last night I got home and noticed that Maizy had scooted the kitten barrier out of place and the kittens had discovered the escape route. So as soon as I came in the door, the Mewing was Deafening. I had to make a phone call to the shelter about Matchstick and I could barely concentrate on the conversation due to the sheer volume of the mewing. The person on the other end laughed. And as soon as I got off the phone with her I called my mother and let her hear what it was like to live at my house. She laughed too.

Guenivere is hanging in there. She's moving along at a normal rate. She is rather unassuming. She doesn't cry all the time, she doesn't demand attention, she gets her spot at the bar for feeding time and she's wandering around a little although she's not a serious explorer. She's still just as cute as a button, she's just not a squeaky wheel. Sir Lancelot holds that title all on his own.