Friday, September 26, 2008

Growing and learning

Well, this evening the real food adventures of Charmin and Matchstick weren't as successful as this morning. I need to keep working on them. Matchstick knows she wants to eat any food on my finger, including my finger, but she hasn't made the connection yet that the food is in the bowl. She also hasn't discovered the litterbox yet. I need to teach her how to climb out Somebody tinkled in it this afternoon though. I can only guess that was Charmin as I witnessed Matchstick tinkling outside of the box on my lunchbreak home.

But in addition to food and litterboxing there is another development. Charmin is "running". I put that in quotes because it's sort of a pounce, wobble at the moment. But the point is that she's moving faster on purpose and that's Fantastic! I think she may have even attempted to play with some fuzz. She's the middle child of the group, almost a full week younger than Matchstick and almost a full week older than the original litter. But she's the most advanced health and skills wise. Matchstick is just a touch behind. Although Matchstick is trying to socialize with the Torti Girls, Nabisco and Taquita. Part of me is amused because it's the Attraction of the Tortis, hehe, "Torties Unite!" But then again, Roz and Dunbar Flee in Utter Revulsion at the sight of any of the kittens coming their way, so it could just be that the Torti Girls are the only ones acceptable. It is cute, though. I caught Matchstick shadowing Nabisco a minute ago.