Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My household

When I talk about my life, I often reference my "kids". The word kids is in quotes because they are not children, but about as close as I'll ever get to having children. So you guys can keep them straight, I'm including pictures and little bios of each of my children here.


Maizy is a Catahoula Leopard Dog. She's my princess. She was a Birthday/High School Graduation gift from my Dad. He and my sister picked her for me because she was "sassy". They couldn't have picked a better dog. She is sassy. And bull headed and protective and loving and loyal. She's the best dog Ever! Except when she's in trouble. Maizy has been Wonderful with all of my foster cats. She especially loves kittens.


Also known as "Lord Dunbar" or "Poopey", he is the Ruler and Protector of the Water Bowl. I adopted Dunbar from Texas Pawprints as a companion for Maizy when she was having trouble adjusting to being all alone in the apt while I was at work after I moved her to Dallas with me. They took a little time getting to know one another, but Dunbar did cure her separation anxiety and he's my little poopey man, so it was a win-win situation as far as I'm concerned.


Nabisco (AKA: Niblet, The Destroyer, and a whole host of other inappropriate names) was sort of an accident. I have a soft spot for Torties due to one of my former roommates' cat Chaos who was a Fantastic cat! Nabisco is a bit of an attention whore. She dazzled me with her nose rubbings and cuddlings and so I took her home to foster. She had this seemingly uncurable digestive issue. I think I was foster #3 or #4 to try to cure it and after many months of canned pumpkin, we Finally got her back on track. In the meantime, she fought with Dunbar, ate my plants and bullied Maizy. So when her little issue was up, I sent her back to the rescue as I was never going to adopt her and I was tired of the upheval in the house. Well, then I moved. And I decided to give her another try as a foster as my place was bigger. And this time she clicked. In fact, she clicked so well, I gave up and adopted her. I even had a friend who wanted to adopt her and I told him "no, she's mine!" Eventhough she still absolutely lives up to each of her nicknames, she has somehow weasled into the depths of my heart. I can often be heard saying to her, while cradling her in my arms, "I don't understand WHY I love you so much because you are destruction inacarnate, but I do." In truth, I think I knew I was going to adopt her the minute I decided to bring her back to foster that second time. For some reason I missed her. And after all, I felt Dunbar needed a cat playmate.


Taquita is a Failed Foster. I mean, in terms of fostering, she wasn't just a decision, she was an Epic Failure. I first met Taquita when she was probably about10-12 weeks old. I was cleaning out the shelter because the cleaning crew had an emergency and there she was in the Kitten Room following me all over the place looking me Dead in the eye with that funny inquisitive face. I mean seriously, Look at that Face! I just couldn't quit giggling at her. And so everytime I went to the shelter to do work, I always went to check on her and was always greeted with the funny inquisitive face. So I guess you could say that I was Marked from the beginning for failure. Well, one weekend I checked on her and noticed that she was sneezing and a little thin. So I took her home and cured her. Just after I cured her, she came into heat for the first time, early of course, so I had to care for her through her spay recovery. She was so excited to get back in her carrier when she saw me that she just started purring instantly because she knew she was going home. That should have been my first clue I was in trouble. Then once she recovered I took her to our Adopt a Pet events for adoption. Boy was she Mad! She growled and hissed and swiped at everyone. So eventually I succumbed and adopted her too.

In addition to these Kids, I also have a rotating roster of foster cats from the shelter, so there's almost Always at least one more in the house. Needless to say I scoop a Lot of litter and have to vaccuum quite a bit. Thank goodness for hardwood floors though!