Monday, September 15, 2008

One week old!

Well, the babies are officially one week old as of this morning. This is very exciting. This means only one week until little kitten eyes are opened. And only one week until they start attempting to wander around. And the countdown to adoption day is one week shorter. Having kittens is a wonderful feeling, however placing kittens in the Perfect home is even better!

This evening Nimue decided to be bold. Not only did she venture out of her room and hop onto my sewing machine table and sniff around there, but she came to the table and investigated my dinner with all the cats and Maizy around. In addition, she walked over to Maizy's corner of the couch and peered up at her. And didn't throw a spitting fit. She also laid down at the far end of the apt and watched our goings on from there as opposed to from the entrance of her room. This is all major progress in her socialization.

So I'm thinking that Lancelot is Most Assuredly a boy. He has Kahones. Gawain is still up in the air. Some days I think he's a boy and some days I'm sure he's a girl. Oh, and due to there being a past Lancelot at the shelter, Lancelot is officially Sir Lancelot. Perfect!

As per usual, let's end with pictures.

Compared to their first day