Sunday, September 21, 2008

I need a video camera!

I'm over in the cat closet looking for an inspirational sewing DVD and I hear this Loud Mewing. I turn around and Sir Lancelot is in the Living Room! And Nimue is trying to figure out how she's going to get him back to his closet.

Gawain is about a day behind in development, so he's trying to explore, but is a bit timid and can't go as far.

But it's official, the kittens are Bustin' out! And they do NOT like being redirected when getting into a corner.

Whoops! Maizy just got a whack on the nose by Nimue for putting her nose in too close. Again, Maizy has shown just how good she is with the fosters. She barked just a touch, but didn't make any move to defend herself. And in fact, she bark she gave Nimue was nothing short of the backtalk I used to get from her as a puppy when she would be told "no" or the "hurry up, I've got to PEE" talk I get sometimes when I come home from work.

I just placed the kittens back in the closet. They were clearly looking for lunch and Nimue was too frazzled to let them nurse in the living room. This litter is most definately Not like Flo's litter. By this time, Flo had taken up residence with her kittens on the couch and they were not allowed to move off the couch. I had to line the floor with pillows just in case any of them went overboard, haha!

I took pictures of the adventure today, but my iphoto is acting funky, so uploading them to the blog will just have to wait until Monday when I can do it at work.